It’s a little bit sad just how excited we’ve been at Adeli since we heard that there was a new addition to the OLD J Spiced Rum range on the horizon…  well, when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘I’ really I suppose!!

Since we decided to take on the OLD J range over 12 months ago, it has been an increasingly popular item on the shelves, and due to the fact that we’re the only place for miles that stocks it we have welcomed new customers from all directions. Over 200 bottles of it have been sold, and no sooner have we stocked up, than it’s all gone again!.

Our relationship with Old J is a strong one, such that a recent visit from their regional sales contact saw him bring along their UK Business Development Manager who questioned us during the meeting “can I ask you how a little delicatessen sells more OLD J than most of the bars in Manchester?!”

So it’s time for you to come along and sample the new flavour ~ OLD J Silver, is the original recipe, but blended with white rum rather than dark rum, and we have to say, a completely different drink again. With OLD J we are inviting you to an in-store taster event on Saturday 10th June, starting around 3pm and finishing around 8pm. Pop in whenever suits you and see what you think. You’re all welcome to our little ‘Rum Carry On’ and it’ll be lovely to see you.


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